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Our fees are set annually in line with the new school year. These are communicated in June beforehand to provide parents with ample time to make decisions. 


From 1st September 2023 our fees are: 


0-3 year olds:       £6.60     

3-5 year olds:       £6.50

Extra hours.          £10.00

Registration fee:  £100


Limited term-time places are available for 43 weeks of the year. To retain your child's place for the entire year, we will charge you at 50% of the rate for the days your child is not in the nursery.

The nine full weeks taken as the holiday from the nursery will be agreed in July each year, they must be taken as whole weeks and hours are unchangeable.


Funded hours

We provide hours that are funded by the governments 15 and 30 hours offer. We provide a stretched offer over 51 weeks of the year for 30 hours funding and this requires a minimum attendance of 22 hours per week.  

For 30 hours, the parent is responsible for gaining an eligibility code from the government and must provide this to the nursery in advance of the first term of eligibility. The code must not be allowed to lapse.

A supplement of £1.75 an hour is charged for these hours to cover the full curriculum we provide.


If your booking request is for funded hours only, we will allocate the sessions we have available.


Breakfast:    £1.00

Lunch:   £2.60

Tea:   £2.35

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