We believe in working together

What part do parents play?

It is essential that parents are involved in their childs' education so as to promote the best possible outcomes for children. You will be expected to contribute to your child's EYLog, sharing with staff your child's development at home, their likes and dislikes. You are the experts, we value your input, both about your child and your feelings of what you want out of the nursery.  Due to the restrictions of work, parents aren't always able to play an active role in coming into the nursery, but those who can, are very welcome, maybe to join us for a dog walk or baking, or if you have particular expertise you may feel confident to give a talk on anything from, what a doctor does, to more artistic endeavours, such as cake decorating. 


This is why we encourage a culture of co-operation, parents are invited to meet with their child's group leader and key worker a month before their child's due start date. We will look in more depth at the Early Years Foundation Stage and guage where your child is in their development as well as finding out what makes your child happy.


We will then offer a month of free visits to ensure that you and your child have a positive transition into nursery life.



Our current initiatives to involve parents include


  • eyLog ensures we share your child's learning journey online
  • Nature Detective Award A monthly challenge to do at home, that allows parents and child to work together to discover elements of nature and the community.
  • Treasure Boxes These boxes are sent home with the children, so that they can bring things from home to show and tell with the other children.
  • Parent help cards-What sort of learner is your child
  • Parents help cards-EYFS.
  • Parents help-Phonics pack
  • Sensory bag
  • Snowy's diary
  • Parents help-nursery songs and rhymes
  • Parent/child activity bags
  • Induction bags tohelp a child settle.
  • Parent play dates

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