Developments over the next year


The Literacy Champions project aims to improve literacy outcomes for children and to support individual practitioners to develop their own literacy skills and confidence in order to provide high quality, literacy-rich experiences for all children.


SEND Champions Programme aims to support practitioners to improve provision for children with SEND. At the moment statistics show that only 21% of children with SEND achieve a good level of development, we are working hard to provide high levels of achievement at our nurseries.


Millies Mark-this is an exceptional standard for nurseries that shows they are going above and beyond minimum requirements to keep children safe.



We're here for you:

The Little School at Pooh Corner

Inmans Lane,


GU32 2NA


7am-7pm, Monday to Friday,

52 weeks of the year.


The Little School by the Lake

Heath Rd


GU31 4EJ


8am-6pm, Monday to Friday,

52 weeks of the year.


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